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Jul 17 2014

Anonymous said: Is it safe to say that international fans should behave as respectfully as Korean fans? Korean fans have a closer connection to their idols it seems because they share a very strong family culture that I feel a lot of American (I'm American BTW) fans lack. I think it's normal to spazz sometimes and be excited but I'm appreciative for blogs like this to help fans keep everything in perspective. Some are beyond help, though... I've seen it and it's ugly.

haha, i wouldn’t necessarily say that. the sasaeng fans in korea have the potential to do the most direct harm to celebrities exactly because they are closer to them. while koreaboos are harmful, it would be quite difficult for one of them to fly all the way to korea, stay there, and take the time to say…find out where their idols live and try to break into their dorm. 

on the other hand, i see what you’re saying. international fans could definitely learn to be a little more respectful towards their idols. 


Anonymous said: my friends and i are starting a kpop club next year, and i'm excited because we're already learning kpop dances to teach and the dances are fun. but, they're all koreaboos except for me (i'm too scared to call them out on it tbh) so they're calling it Kclub, and say that they're also going to teach about korean culture and the language. they hardly know anything about it and learn everything they know from kdramas and eatyourkimchi. would it be better to convince them to keep it to just dances?

YES. if it’s possible, please ask your friends to advertise the club strictly as what it is. if you are organizing a kpop club, that’s great! you’re probably going to have more than a few stories to share with this blog, but there’s nothing explicitly harmful in getting together and learning dances. however, presuming to be able to teach people about korean culture when any and all knowledge that your friends have of it come from dramas and those morons over at EYK is definitely koreabooish and could frankly end up being offensive. 

if you had a korean person join who would be willing to teach everyone about their culture, that would be a different story, but as it is you are completely right in thinking that your club should be kept to dances. good luck! 


Anonymous said: Before reading this site, I honestly had no idea that certain emoticons were signs of a Koreaboo (I've seen it in a couple of a posts). I've always used emoticons I've seen people say Koreaboos use long before I got into kpop. Basically if I find an emoticon cute, I'll use it. So I'm kind of wondering is it a legit sign to check if someone is a Koreaboo? (My apologies if I broke any rules, I couldn't find any aside the ones mentioned in the FAQ)

i wouldn’t go as far as to say that any certain emoticon is a surefire sign that someone is a koreaboo. it can be a good indicator, but in my opinion i would only make the assumption if said emoticons were coupled with other koreaboo-like behaviours. 

example: anyeong haseyo!!! ^ ^ yunho-oppa saranghaeyo!!! ♥.♥

(did i just give away my age with that example???)

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Anonymous said: Are you, the mod, a korean herself?

this is probably one of the last times i’m going to answer this question. maybe i’ll add it to the FAQ. 

no, i am not korean. i am of mixed ethnicity, white/middle eastern/chinese. however, my best friend since childhood is korean, and i grew up with her family. they are as close as my own, and having grown up around the korean culture long before i could even be aware of kpop and kdramas, koreaboos have a special place in my heart. and by ‘special place in my heart’ i mean that special place in my heart where they piss me the hell off. 


So there are two examples I’d like to share. The first is from my last couple of years of high school. I went to school in a predominantly white area and I am half-white, half-asian girl (but not white passing). I was put into a group project with a white girl who I had noticed around before but had never spoken to. I was immediately taken aback by how friendly she was towards me. She was attentive and acted in a very familiar fashion which I had just put down her being a naturally outgoing and charismatic person. She later told me (still during our first meeting) that she had seen me around and ‘had always wanted to be friends with me’. Honestly I was very flattered, she made no mention of any interest in anything asian and no-one had ever said anything like that to me before.

It wasn’t until I had started hanging out with her a bit that I realized she only exclusively befriended asians. I could understand someone naturally falling in with a group who just happened to be comprised of asian people already, but she was like some bizarre collector, bringing in lost asian people to the fold. She was mostly interested in korean ‘culture’ (kpop/drama etc) and had your standard ‘dreams of moving to korea to teach english on the side, while working to get spotted for x-talent’ deal, but wasn’t terribly obnoxious about it.

The worst was how she fixated on the only korean boy in the group. Like I said, there weren’t too many asians about, fewer koreans and even fewer boys. This was a problem because a) she obviously was only interested because he was korean, b) he wasn’t game and it made him super uncomfortable (he was too nice/shy to confront her), and c) he was hopelessly in love with a beautiful filipina in the group. She obviously didn’t like this and while she was too reasonable to be overtly angry about it, she was totally passive-aggressive. She even once faux-casually made a comment to him about how koreans don’t generally ‘date outside their culture’ implying that dating a filipino girl wouldn’t be as appropriate as dating her (whom she believed shared a culture with him).

Now that was all relatively mild, she was nice enough and I made lots of new friends via her introductions. The next example I have was an out and out creeper though. A little while into university I attended a chinese new year party and was immediately accosted by a white dude I’ll call ‘M’. M sat me down on the sofa and started with the usual ‘where are you from/what ethnicity are you?’ etc (which I hate btw!). Anyway, after letting him prattle on for a few minutes about his favorite asian restaurants I made to get up and meet some other people when he instantly began a long winded story that I had to sit by and listen to. This became a pattern where whenever it looked like I was about to leave, he would pick a new topic to lecture me on until I just had enough and left him mid-story.

Later I decided to check out his facebook which luckily was open to everyone (so I didn’t have to accept his friend request to snoop). Low and behold his friend list was pretty much 100% asian faces, about 80% were girls. Days later I heard from other girls about how he would scope out asian girls in the library to sit next to and attempt to befriend. How he joined every asian-esque society the university had to offer, pretty much for the express purpose of finding an asian girlfriend. He had even told a male friend of mine that he would ‘prefer japanese or korean, but would settle for other asians if she were pretty enough’.

I bumped into him while with a friend (who was white) and he totally ignored her for the duration of out conversation, not even bothering to ask her name or look her way.

I’m happy to say that he has yet to capture his asian bride to be, as all the asian girls know exactly whats up and know to stay away. 

I’m now only realizing how long this had gotten, but I just wanted to add that folks KNOW when they’re being befriended for their race and almost uniformly don’t appreciate it, so don’t do it.   

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So done, so done.

To give you guys a better understanding of where I’m coming from, I’ll give you a shorter version of my back story. I befriended a few Koreans who happened to live in my neighborhood when I was in high school and at the time, I wasn’t really into kpop or anything Korean for that matter. These people were the closest friends I’ve ever had and one of them, J, ended up becoming my best friend as well as boyfriend. Anyways, some of the friends I made had just immigrated from Korea, so their English wasn’t that great and because I didn’t know an ounce of Korean, we couldn’t really hold a detailed conversation because of language barriers. I decided to start learning Korean so I could at least meet them at a half-way point and hopefully have a conversation that didn’t end at “I’m fine, thank you. And you?” Today, I’m nearly fluent as I can understand and read perfectly fine, but I do have an obvious accent while speaking, so I get really shy whenever someone asks me to speak Korean. Around my friends, I’ll only speak English unless I have to speak Korean (like when their family members visit from Korea and they know no English). My friends gave me the name Jaehyun and often call me that, but I don’t really introduce myself with that name since it’s just a little nickname among my friends and I.

Anyways, fast forward to my first year in college. So I was pretty much alone since my friends went to different schools, but I didn’t really care since it’s just college. My phone went off in class and since I forgot to put in on silent, my ringtone rang throughout the classroom and one of my classmates, M, I guess noticed it was Korean (it was Drunken Tiger’s The Cure) and immediately came up to me after class and introduced herself. You see, I was happy that someone wanted to be my friend since I’m rather anti-social around strangers. But now that I think about it, it was a big mistake. We exchanged phone numbers and talked during class, but I didn’t really consider her a friend since we never talked outside of class. Whenever we had free time, she would always fangirl about kpop to me and being a casual listener, I didn’t really care. She’d always talk about how hot Big Bang or Super Junior was and honestly, I just wanted to walk away and return to my bubble. Like, she’d never talk about the music. It was always how hot they were and how she thought girls around them were bitches. I remember when I brought up MFBTY and told her that I personally liked Bizzy and she told me that she hated all three of the members because they weren’t hot. No joke. She actually said she hated them because they weren’t attractive to her.

After a while, I stopped talking to her and just ignored her every single time she’d try to hold a “conversation” with me and gradually, she started doing the same. Of course, not until I was walking out of class and I was on the phone with J and I naturally started speaking in Korean. I guess M overheard because she literally pulled the back of my backpack and screamed “YOU SPEAK KOREAN???” in my face. I’m of Chinese decent, so my surname is Lee and she kept saying “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU WERE KOREAN SINCE YOUR LAST NAME IS LEE!” And although I’m always telling that I’m not Korean, she never listens and introduces me to her koreaboo clique as “the Korean one.” After this, she has never left me alone and she constantly keeps texting me in broken Korean and keeps calling me her “unni” even though I’m only two months older than she is. She would always text me random tweets from idols asking me to translate them for it and there was a time where she texted me at 2AM in the morning and when I didn’t reply back, she bombarded me with the same text thinking it never went through.

Although annoyed, it wasn’t until she met my Korean friends that made me so upset. Once in a while, they pick me up from school to go hang out and one day M followed me to my school’s parking lot. As their car pulled up beside me, M popped out from somewhere (I’m thinking the bushes) and seriously would not leave me alone. She was so starstruck that there were so many Koreans around her and they literally pushed herself into the car and ask where we were going. No one knew who she was and she acted like they were her friends. My friends, sadly being really nice, decided to let it go and we ended up at this pasta place (which she initially rejected because apparently Korean people can only eat Korean food). She stared calling all my friends “oppa” and “unnie” and I could definitely tell they were getting rather annoyed as well as uncomfortable with her broken Korean. J accidentally called me Jaehyun and M obviously noticed and she keep referring to me as Jaehyun as well as telling me that it was a better name than my real one. We dropped her off at her house at the end of the day and she asked for my friend’s number, but more specifically J’s. Apparently she didn’t notice that J and I were dating and she went up to me later during class and asked what type of girl J liked because he was her ideal type. I stared at her for a few seconds before telling her that his ideal type was me since we were dating. She looked really shocked and asked why he was dating me because “don’t Koreans hate the Chinese? I heard they liked people like me!” (She’s white.) And I was so speechless because, um, who the hell are you to be telling me that?

Our semester was quickly over and I luckily had no class with her and I rarely bumped into her during school hours, plus I changed my phone number, so there was no way she could contact me. I’m glad that I got out of that “friendship” and people like her… I don’t even know how they live. M was borderline stalker crazy and honestly, I hope she didn’t find a new target to bother and creep on. So yeah, that’s my story. Crazy girl found out I spoke Korean and had Korean friends and she kind of pissed me off. The end.

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Cringe-Worthy and Set for Failure

ALRIGHTY GUYS. Gather your blankets, mugs of warm beverages, and huddle up close. It’s story time.

Welcome to the world of high school, where everyone is still in their “phases”, and most are growing out of them as they reach their higher grade levels. People are trying to fit in, find themselves, and figure out their future.

This is the story of two koreaboo girls I know.

Enter Koreaboo 1 (we’ll refer to her as 1 from now on). White as can be, very lazy. She was a normal girl all through middle school, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked she entered high school. She discovered Kpop and Kdramas. After about a year, 1 had “immersed” herself into a pool of Korean “culture” and obviously didn’t know how to swim. A year goes by and she has “learned the language” (by Kdramas), begun to try and alter her appearance to look Korean using makeup, use only Korean cosmetics, eat Korean food as often as possible, changed her career plans to involve Korea, “speaks” Korean, obsesses over idols and Korean people in general, roleplays Koreans on Korean websites… and a lot more. It’s terrifying sometimes.

All of 1’s facebook posts involve Korean (language) and something about Korea/Kpop. She will only date Korean men. When going to a Korean restaurant, she will excitedly speak Korean to the waitress/waiter whenever they walk by. Her pictures of herself are in “Korean style”: aka puffed out cheeks, pouty lips, narrowed eyes (oh gosh that sounded racist… didn’t intend for it to sound that way, apologies!), and usually some sort of added Korean text/emotes. 1 sings in Korean and will randomly insert words into her sentences when speaking to anyone. We have actually forgotten all her past interests because everything is Korean-related.

Enter Koreaboo 2, whiter than snow, who was mentored by 1. She “learned the language” from 1, and basically followed in 1’s footsteps. However, her career plan is the most laughable part of it all. 2 believes she will become a Kpop star. Now, that dream may not be too laughable, until you realize that she cannot sing to save her life. When doing a project on her career, the teacher told her that her “career” was not a viable option for the project and that she should choose another for the project (he didn’t say “YOU CAN’T BE THAT” but he said it wouldn’t work for the project). 2 started yelling and arguing with him that it’s all she wanted to do.

The two have gotten so close that all they do is frantically speak in Korean and it’s getting way out of hand.

Send help.

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Anonymous said: i would rather be caught dead than to ever call anyone oppa or unnie i never even look at asian guys in real life (not in a racist kind of way) i dont take selcas and use random korean phrases in public (i occasionally call my sister a crazy bitch but thats about it) but i have learned how to read hangul (not on purpose) i am not a koreaboo and i definitely dont want to be korean (im good thanks) but why do many hallyu fans think that the korean culture is better than theirs?

this ask has really weird undertones but i’ll answer it anyways. part of being a koreaboo is thinking that korean “culture” (or what they perceive to be korean culture) is the best culture in the world, and it’s better than theirs because all of their idols are korean and such and they wish that they could be apart of it too. one of the sad things about koreaboos is that they get blinded to how interesting and great their own cultures are because they’re such terrible wannabes.

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Jul 15 2014

This is my first time submitting something on tumblr. I’m sorry if it’s wrong.
I have this used to be “friend”
She really annoying. So we were talking about EXO and she ask me
“What do you think is better, EXO-K or EXO- M”
I replied with ” I like both of them because they are still one”
Then she said “EXO-K cause they are Korean and they sing better then EXO -M and I don’t really like Chinese people”
She also told me that she didn’t like Chinese people because they ate babies.

admin’s note: your friend is a racist and it’s probably a good thing you don’t associate with her anymore. 

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littlepinky82 said: Places like this help keep me in check as a southern white woman in my early 30s. Kpop fans need to learn to love themselves and appreciate music and people for who and what it brings to our world. Maybe this blog and others can help with that.

(part 1) Im new to your blog and wow these koreaboo stories are so crazy and gross. Ive been a kpop listener for 11 yrs now and in the past few yrs been seeing more of this shit in kpop. Its getting so bad I stopped associating with fandoms a couple yrs ago.

(part 2) Its only going to get worse I believe in the next 2 to 3 yrs hallyu is going to grow more. And now we have dicks like chad future. I know I had a phase where I was not far from sorta being a koreaboo but I started reading more like here.

it’s good to know that this blog is making a difference and keeping people in line. thank you very much for your input! 

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