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Nov 24 2013

Anonymous asked: Kind of irrelevant, are you a sjw?

not really. i mean i feel quite passionately about things like cultural appropriation, and koreabooism and appropriation go hand-in-hand so it`s necessary for me to bring these things up when answering questions and whatnot. but from what i understand a sjw is someone who engages in any sort of social justice discussion so no, i`m not. i have my beliefs but don`t care enough to argue with others about them. people are gonna believe what they believe. 

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Nov 17 2013

Anonymous asked: Where do I submit the admin application form? Do I submit it or...?

as stated in the instructions, yes, the admin application forms are to be SUBMITTED. 

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Nov 12 2013

I’ve listened to KPop since 2007 (I kind of feel like a KPop hipster) because all of my close friends at the time were Asian (a mix of Japanese and Korean) and all in ESL. I wasn’t friends with them because they were Asian, but because they were nicer to me than a lot of my old friends were, and one of them (who is Korean) is still one of my best friends 6 years later (I’ll call her M). One of the girls introduced KPop to me and it kind of spiraled from there.

The next year I was showing MVs to my class (kill me now), and I learned Hangul. Other than that I don’t believe I ever got too bad, I tried to hide it from my family because my brothers already thought I was weird and I go to a small high school so I didn’t want a weird rep although that kind of happened anyway due to me having only Asian friends. I don’t push KPop on anyone (although if they express interest I get enthusiastic which I make sure to tone down) and I don’t post anything on FB about it, although I do have a KPop tumblr, and I don’t insert Korean words in normal conversations and I don’t try to dress Korean.

I have Big Bang, SHINee, BAP, etc. on my walls but at this point I try to think of it as the music I like. How is it any different than other people having posters of their favorite bands on their walls? I’ve been to SM Town and a 2NE1 concert too, and the people dressing “Asian” were just ridiculous. Why would you wear cat ears to a KPop concert?

It drives me nuts that anyone that listens to KPop or watches KDrama basically gets classified as a Koreaboo. Everyone thinks I only want to date Asian guys, and that bothers me that people I think I automatically fetishize any Asian guy I see because it’s not true at all. My recent crush was Korean (he was really nice and I enjoyed talking with him, and the fact that he was good looking wasn’t something I minded) but it’s not because he was Korean, he was just a nice guy that I was attracted to. I did take Korean and I loved it (KPop barely came up, even when talking with classmates) and I’m hoping to be able to continue on my own, and I was pretty damn good at it. M and I will have full conversations in Korean when we text, because why not (we go to different universities).

I unfortunately did create a bit of a Koreaboo. I introduced a friend at Hebrew school to Big Bang and it grew from there. She watches a ton of KDramas and thinks her oppars and unnies are perfect and it drives me insane. God forbid I don’t take the time to watch dramas or like every song put out. She uses annoying ‘>_<’ “O_O” emoticons with every sentence, ‘aigoo’, ‘oppa’, ‘unnie’, etc. I don’t like using oppa/unnie with idols because they’re not actually someone I know so I think it’s awkward and almost kind of rude. I kind of wish I’d never introduced her to KPop. 

I think it’s important to understand what’s appropriate or not as a KPop fan. Yeah we the posters on our wall and the music on our iPods, but don’t go talking about it to people who don’t care and fetishizing Korean guys, you just give all of us a bad name and make us embarrassed to admit that we like KPop.

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Anonymous asked: I get really annoyed with my friend who thinks that she'll be super loved and pampered in Korea just because she's white. That's not how things work...

definitely not how things work, but it’s a common koreaboo delusion. 


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Anonymous asked: Hi. So uh, I'm Korean American but under weird and rather unfortunate circumstances, my parents never taught me Korean. I never really thought too much about not know Korean but I recently moved to a different school with international students and several of them have told me that I am not Asian/Korean. My friend who came this year is very into KPOP/Koreans and uh, she's a koreaboo, I'm not going to lie. I feel kind of pressured for not being nearly as immersed in the culture as she is, though.

don’t feel bad, anon! just because you don’t speak korean does not mean you aren’t korean. no one can take it away from you. your friend is not ‘immersed’ in the culture, your friend is a fan of one genre of the music of your culture. that does not mean she knows more than you do or has any authority over you. if you want to be more immersed, though, it’s always a great life experience to get to know your native culture. maybe take korean courses, ask your parents/grandparents/relatives questions, anything you can do! 


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Anonymous asked: I am white but like Kpop. I find it disgraceful to worship a culture just because you like the music. It's so wrong. Kpop is an amazing genre but there are so many other amazing artists out there. The way people fetishize Asians sicken me.

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Anonymous asked: I like kpop as I do any other genre. I find kpop artists attractive as I do any other artists. However, I feel like I can't love kpop bc of those who are Korean feeling like I wish to be Korean which I don't. I like who I am.

it’s great that you like who you are! and know that most koreans, as long as you are respectful and polite, don’t mind at all when their western friends like kpop. just don’t assume that every korean is going to like kpop or want to talk about it all the time, and as long as you don’t give anyone a reason to think you wish to be korean, it won’t be an issue!

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A story that every Koreaboo and Koreaboo hater should read.

I never thought that I’ll ever submit a story here, but I just want to get this out.

After reading countless stories on your blog (which is fabulous by the way), I never realized that my friend was a hardcore Koreanaboo.

First off, I didn’t know the term “Koreanaboo” existed. But after reading these stories, I can definitely say that  that my friend fits that definition of an Obsessive-Korean-Pop-loving fanatic who deludes herself into thinking that her life can turn out like Korean Drama. Back when we were freshmen in high school, I knew that she was a “fan” of Korean pop, however I didn’t know that her obsession would lead her to do absolutely ridiculous things. Now, we live in a 99% white community, where there are rarely any Asians. There’s probably like 10 Asians maximum in my grade (including myself) out of 600-700 students. Because we live in a white dominated community, most Asians were white-wash, including me.

Now, one of the reasons why I became close friend with this girl was because she taught me to be proud of my Asian heritage and culture (during her not-so crazy Asian-boo phase) which was great. I never really realized how distant I was with my own heritage background, and befriending someone for the first time who was interested in it was pretty cool for me back then (even though she was white). When I became friends with her, a lot of my friends (who were either white or white washed) hated her and told me that she’s nothing but an “Asian obsessing freak” and only liked me because I was Asian. I dismissed their comments and continued to be her friend. Later on in our Sophomore and Junior year, my friend began to become more of an Asian-boo, specifically a Koreanaboo, and started to do, well, weird things. She joined a Korean community and even a church (she begged one of her Korean friends to bring her) and started to date really weird  Korean guys in our school. And I hate to be mean but those guys who she dated ( only because they were Korean) were butt-ugly and were mega douchebags (even thinking about it now, I can’t believe she dated those guys. Ugh, such losers). Anyway, she started to dress more “Asiany” like wearing tacky t-shirts with horrible grammar, fake glasses, doll make up and circle lenses. Her pictures on Facebook became Koreanaboo-ish, like the V poses, the bubbletea pose, the holding-a-cute-stuff-animal-against-my-cheek pose,  and she even added hangul in her name (“which wasn’t even correct” said my Korean friend, lol).

Basically, in our Junior to Senior year she became the most hardcore Koreanaboo I’ve ever seen. She lies about being Korean (when clearly she’s white. People think she’s crazy) and she calls all her “Asian” friends, oppa, unnie, gege (chinese), mei mei (chinese), etc. It got really out of hand and people were always talking behind her back about how annoying she was. When we try to tell her that she’s becoming to obsessed, she gets mad at us and doesn’t listen.

One day, our friendship finally snapped. I was dating a Korean-American guy and she was pissed, acting like I dated him to make her feel bad (which isn’t true, obviously). She started to make rude comments like “oh, ready see my OPPA?” and “You know NOTHING about Korean culture”. That was when I finally stopped being her friend and  we soon drifted apart. 

Now, 4 years later, we’re incoming freshmen to the same University and I can already see that she’s still a hardcore Koreanaboo trying to flirt with all of the Korean international guys, trying to join a Korean sorority (which will never happen), and attending the Korean Church everyday.

She’s making a fool of herself and everyone’s laughing behind her back.

I just wish that she finally sees what she’s doing.

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So, I’m not Korean. My nickname has been Jae for a really long time, before I got into anything Asian at all. For awhile there, I was most definitely a Weeaboo. I mean, I was branching out into something new and exciting! But of course, that died down. I started studying Japanese, and the Japanese culture. Then, somehow, I stumbled across kpop. I was a bit obsessed with kpop itself, but I never quite reached the “OH IW ANT TO BE KOREAN STAGE!” I was a bit obsessed for awhile, but again, it died down. I kind of grew out of it. I was really young, and when you start with a group like DBSK, the obsessing hits you pretty hard. 

But I joined tumblr, tried to enter into the kpop fandom properly. Do you know how hard it is to find sane kpop fans?  Everyone is insane! They go so overboard. Shipping themselves with the idol, making like.. “plans” on how they’re going to go to Korea. Become an idol. Then MARRY their “oppa”. It kind of creeps me out. So I definitely ran away from that sort of thing, and it kind of kept me from becoming like that. But anyway! I kind of lost track here…

I decided I wanted to learn more about Korea, not just the kpop world. So I did. My uncle also moved to Korea for a few years, because he needed work and so he took a job in Korea to teach English. So, of course, I studied the language. Studied the culture. Before, my Korean was awful. So Koreabooish. I cringe when I think about how I acted. But now, whenever I go into Korean shops(which is very rare), I try to great the shopkeepers as politely as possible. They always seem really pleased, and they ask me where I learned my Korean. They tell me to keep studying, and to maybe work on going to Korea to teach English. Seems pretty unlikely with how spazzy this story is.. 

Anyway. I started out in the Japanese world, I think most people do. I had my overly obsessive, weeabooish phase there. Then I calmly transitioned into liking kpop, after my weabooishness died down. So I’ve never really been one of those overly obsessive, creepy fangirls who wants to hide in the potted plants outside of their “oppas’” dorm. 

So there’s my side of this story out of the way.

There’s this girl, who was friends with my best friend of 5 years now. They don’t talk anymore, due to the fact that my best friend finds her to be the creepiest human being to ever walk on the face of the earth. She has this really creepy obsession with Taemin. She even took on his surname, and is like, planning to go to Korea and become his girlfriend. She has an entire Facebook page dedicated to her pairing name with him, and asked me to like it! Needless to say, I was horrified. I admit to perving on my bias, but I would never go as far as to plan my entire life around him. He’s a 26 year old male, who I’ve never even met before. I don’t know if he’s the person he shows on camera, I know very little about his private life. 

I used to talk to this girl, a couple years ago, and she was just as obsessed with Taemin then as she is now. I don’t understand how she became so delusional. Apparently, her mother even supports it and can’t wait for her to get there so she can marry Taemin. 

Wouldn’t you want to tell your daughter that her dream is a bit too much? Albeit a bit creepy. 

Plus her dream is to become famous in Korea. Passing the initial round of auditions is hard as hell, then you have to pay for the second round. Plus when you get there, if you go, you have to go to school. Which means, you better learn ACTUAL Korean, and not kpop lyrics. 

I’ve decided to flag her page. Am I going a little overboard? I think her page is creepy, unsettling, and kind of disrespectful. 

This could have been a lot shorter. But I needed to get this out! 

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